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Thứ bảy - 11/05/2019 03:03
Imee Contreras

For UN Vesak Day 2019

I feel immense gratitude and am deeply honoured to receive an invitation by the National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (NVBS) to participate and contribute to the United Nations Day of Vesak Celebrations 2019 / 2562 at the Tam Chuc International Buddhist Convention Center in Ha Nam Province, Vietnam.

Vesak is a very auspicious time to gather as a Global Sangha to engage in dialogue and work toward co-creating peace and harmony for all beings everywhere. The Buddha dedicated his life to help us attain lasting happiness by instructing us to see clearly into the truth of suffering and show us the path to the cessation of suffering. These ancient teachings are still relevant today. We need the Dhamma now more than ever. It is remarkable that this international conference aims to develop Buddhist solutions to the global crisis by fostering co-operation among Buddhist communities and institutions from all around the world.

The main theme,Buddhist Approach to Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Sustainable Societies, is pertinent to these current times. We are seeing a great need to bring mindfulness to every aspect of our lives, beginning with requiring accountability from our leaders to protecting our basic human dignity. It is my hope that we can all finally live with respect, love, and compassion toward one another.

It is my dream that from now onward, we exemplify meditation practice as the fundamental yet profound tool that will awaken us to our brilliance. By cultivating peace in our hearts and minds, we can influence the state of the world toward goodwill, generosity, and wisdom.


I would like to express my best wishes for the utmost success of the celebration of United Nations Day of Vesak 2019 / 2562.

My special thanks go to the ICDV-UNDV 2019 International Organising Committee for organising this wonderful event.

With Metta,

Imee Contreras

Philippine Insight Meditation Community

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