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Thứ bảy - 11/05/2019 06:03
Prof. Maria Angela Falà

For UN Vesak Day 2019

On behalf of the Cultural Institute Fondazione Maitreya of Rome (Italy) I would express my deepest gratitude to the National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha and to the United Nations Day of Vesak International Council for their contribution to organising and hosting the 15th United Nation Vesak Day 2019 in Vietnam.

The issue of 2019 Vesak Celebration is about a very crucial point for the future: Buddhist Approach to Global Leadership and Shared responsibilities for Sustainable Societies.

In these days of the XXI century when some would seek to divide the human family by exploiting differences among people and countries, we need more than ever the contribution of monks and nuns, men and women of faith who can promote a culture of peace and cooperation based on nonviolence and compassion, fundamental values praised by Lord Buddha.

For the globalized world in which the means of communication make fast meetings, the ways of living tend to standardize, wealth and poverty divide people and countries, the message of the Lord Buddha is critical for bringing our attention to the interdependence that binds us and to the values of respect and compassion for transforming our mental attitudes and developing a responsible behaviour. Buddhism as the other great religions recognizes the sanctity of human life and calls for tolerance, justice and harmony. This message is well known but still not realized. The eternal values of peace, humanism and compassion, which were taught by Lord Buddha, are needed today more than ever before and I am convinced they can promote a better world, a better future for young generations and a culture of peace, towards others and ourselves.
Our perception of the external world originates in the mind,


and so it is that our mind constructs our transient reality depending on many interweaving influences: we need to train our mind and for this education is fundamental.

Developing new forms of education based on Buddhist values and concepts will be a great challenge for Buddhists Scholars, Leaders and teachers and great opportunity for all of us.

Some Buddhist concepts as the laws of interdependence, the laws of cause and effect, the subjectivity of perceptions and dynamic of projection, the relativity of boundaries, the ever changing nature of our thoughts and feelings, the fundamental Unity of the Body, the Mind, and the External world could be a very important stimulus in developing new Educational systems and pedagogy.

Educational methods based on Dharma teachings and Ethics could help people to discover and realize the unity within themselves then the unity with the so called external reality and the others. What we call external reality is nothing but an illusion a wrong perception of our dualistic mind, an unrecognized projection of our narrow ego-consciousness. Reality is without borders, and depends from the mind.

An open Mind is a placewhere people of different countries and traditions are able to meet and understand each other, communicate without discrimination.

A well trained Mind is the place where we can defeat suffering, wars, injustices and create a sustainable world in which everyone can feel at home.
May the Triple Gems bless all of you!

Prof. Maria Angela Falà

Cultural Institute Fondazione Maitreya of Rome

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