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Thứ bảy - 11/05/2019 06:39
Most Ven. Dr. Dutavira Sthavira

For UN Vesak Day 2019

On behalf of Dutavira Buddhist College, Jakarta-Indonesia and a part of the Indonesia Buddhist Society, I would like to express my upmost gratitude and congratulations to the Government of Vietnam and the National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha for hosting the 16th annual of the United Nations Day of Vesak 2019.

When Mahā Bodhisattva was born to this world, all of the people, Devas, Nagas and all beings felt happy that the Mahā Bodhisattva would become the greatest teacher of human and Devas. After, becoming the enlightened one, for forty-five years, He preached the Dharma and Vinaya around the India. Then, it spreads throughout the world.

Lord Buddha dedicated his life to help the people to realize the meaning of life. He uses Dharma and Vinaya as the best way to understand the reality of life, free from all sufferings and attained the highest happiness of practices, the anuttara samyaksambodhi, Nirvana. After the demise of Lord Buddha, the Dharma and Vinaya are the path of the practices which lead the people to attain Nirvana.

Im very pleased that the National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha gave me the opportunity to give this congratulatory message for the UNDV of 2019. I would like to say that this auspicious celebration is one of the important moments for all Buddhists around the world so that the message of Lord Buddha can still heard all over the world. As Buddhists, we should promote the Six ways of Buddhism to make the world better and peaceful, as follow:
  1. To unify our respectful deportment to be the same;
  2. To unify our voice;
  3. To unify our purpose;


  1. To unify our practices of purity;
  2. to unify our view;
  3. to unify our benefits.

We must participate on building the worlds cultures, humanities and peacefulness around the world. I do hope this UNDV celebrations are not only for the ceremony, but also it should be the starting point for the sustainability of society all over the world.

Finally, may the UNDV 2019 celebration spreads calmness, peace and happiness to all living creatures in the world. May the Vesak Day be a blessing to the people and also giving positive influences on the world society.
May all beings be happy and prosper.

Most Ven. Dr. Dutavira Sthavira
Rector of Dutavira Buddhist College Jakarta
Chief of Indonesia Pureland Sangha Council

Abbot of Avalokitesvara Temple Jakarta-Medan, Indonesia

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