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Thứ bảy - 11/05/2019 06:45
Prof. Dr. Arvind Alok

For UN Vesak Day 2019

Its a great pleasure to attend the auspicious Vesak celebration in Vietnam, the country of a great Buddhist legacy and values. Undoubtedly the Vesak celebration is the greatest tribute to The Buddha and His Teachings. Buddhist values are so important for peace and harmony in the world. The relevance of Buddhist Teachings is much more today as we face many problems and complications in our life and undoubtedly Buddhist way has the right solution to our problems. Therefore through the practice of Buddhism we can very easily remove all our problems thus creating a viable environment for peace and compassion in the society. It is no exaggeration to say by organizing Vesak day celebration, we do contribute to the preservation and promotion of our rich Buddhist legacy. I compliment the Buddhist Association of Vietnam for hosting the Vesak day celebration in its beautiful city and we feel honored to attend and witnesses this great historical event.

This is the best way to carry forward the Buddhist legacy to the future generations for the realization of the supreme knowledge of the Buddha. I also wish to take this opportunity to share with you that India which is the origin of Buddhism and Buddhist legacy, is fully dedicated to the preservation and conservation of Buddhist heritage and values and Indian government and the people are with all of you for the enrichment of Buddhist values and heritage. Its a matter of great joy that Buddhism is reviving very fast in India and our Government and Non government agencies are working hard to insure that the Buddhist sacred places are well preserved. India recognizes the contributions of Vietnamese Buddhist leaders and Scholars for strengthening Buddhist relations between the two great countries. I wish to thank the Buddhist Association of Vietnam and also the government of Vietnam for outstanding organization


of such a great Buddhist Conclave in Vietnam which definitely sustain the fact that Vietnam is the land of Buddhist values and thus contributing to peace and compassion in the world. I sincerely acknowledge my appreciation for the excellent preparation to host this Forum on the eve of Vesak day.

I also wish all the delegates and participants from different countries a great success in the attainment of their spiritual objectives.
May you all be blessed Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu
Prof. Dr. Arvind Alok  Mentor Heritage and tourism
Ministry of Railways Government of India.
Buddhist Monuments Development Council. New Delhi. India

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