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Thứ bảy - 11/05/2019 06:50
​​​​​​​Amarjiva Lochan

For UN Vesak Day 2019

I am extremely delighted to learn the 16th United Nations Day of Vesak is being celebrated and hosted by the National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha in Ha Nam Province, Vietnam, from May 12 to May 14, 2019. On December 15, 1999, following the support of India and Southeast Asian nations, the General Assembly of the UN adopted a Resolution (No. 54/115) unanimously which recognised the Day of Vesak to acknowledge the contribution of Buddhism worldwide. On the day based upon the lunar calendar, this Auspicious Day is commemorated annually at the UN Headquarters and other UN offices, in consultation with the relevant UN offices. This Day of Vesak is a great occasion to reminisce the universally applicable tenets of Buddhism which is the need of hour for world peace.

This year, it is much more significant that Socialist Republic of Vietnam is celebrating in the biggest way which is being attended by Official Delegates from 108 countries! The credit goes to Venerable Prof Dr Thich Nhat Tu and his tireless Team which worked day and night to ensure that the largest-ever Gatherings happen here and all distinguished guests are taken care of superbly well. Special credits go to Most Venerable Prof. Dr. Phra Brahmapundit, President, International Council for Day of Vesak and President, International Association of Buddhist Universities who has made this Event enriched by scholars, Buddhologists, and Education Administrators.
Being from the Land of भगवा बुद्धो Bhagava Buddhas City of Enlightenment ( Gaya- Bodh Gaya), it is my proud privilege as the President of SSEASR( South and Southeast Asian Association for the Study of Culture and Religion) to wish the Event not to be a great success but also as the greatest motivator of research, study about Buddhism and Buddhist Culture!

Sadhu-Sadhu  साधु साधु!
Amarjiva Lochan, PhD President, SSEASR

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