4.37. India - International Buddhist Federation

Thứ bảy - 11/05/2019 07:40
Most Ven.Dr. Thich Huyen Dieu

For UN Vesak Day 2019

Thank you very much for your kind invitation. It is wonderful work you have done for propagating Buddha Sasana in the world.

The situation of this world is that of burning fire, many crises are happening in various fields, and conflicts and wars may happen at any time! Let us unite together and work sincerely so that we can bring peace and harmony to the world through Buddhist teachings.

A few years ago, the Nepal war killed more than 14,000 people. But I applied the T.T. weapon and Buddhas teaching so that the Nepal war finished in a peaceful manner, in accordance with the Buddhas teaching, and all Nepal political parties at last follow the Buddhas way. Peace has returned to Nepal, and world leaders and people may consider this exceptional case as a miracle event for the planet.

Beyond this, one of the toughest political leaders of Nepal followed Buddhas way and became Prime Minister of Nepal, step by step in harmony.

This is a wonderful success of Buddhas teaching for the world. Let us work together very hard and sincerely to propagate this sacred teaching to the world. I was the first person to get the land in Lumbini donated by the King Birendha and the government of Nepal to build the Santi Viet Nam. Buddha Bhumi Vihar, the first international Buddhist monastery established in holy Lumbini, then followed more than 35 international Buddhist countries present. In Lumbini, our Lord Buddha was born. I request of you in the future, you should celebrate united nations day of Vesak in Lumbini at least once in this 21st century.

If I am still alive, I will be happy to work with you for that historical event in holy Lumbini very much. I regret that I am unable to participate in the U.N.D.V. this year, as I am very busy in Lumbini for Vesak day 2019, but my best wishes and my heart


are with you. I also send best wishes, congratulations, and great fullness to all delegations, to participate in U.N.D.V. 2019, held in Viet Nam.
With Metta and gratefulness. Yours sincerely in the Dharma,

President Founder, An VNPQ Tự - Lumbini, the first international monastery established in Lumbini
President, International Buddhhist Federation.

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