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Chủ nhật - 12/05/2019 02:34
Most Ven. Sumanalankar Mahathero

For UN Vesak Day 2019

Greeting of Vesak Day on behalf of PBM and Indigenous Buddhists Communities in CHTs of Bangladesh. Congratulation to NVBS for having the opportunity to host and organize the most significant event for the followers of Buddhism around the world, the 16th Anniversary Celebrations and International Buddhist Conference of the United Nations Day of Vesak 2019 in Vietnam themed “Buddhist Approach to Global Leadership and Shared Responsibilities for Sustainable Societies.” for the third time to be held at the Tam Chuc International Buddhist Convention Center, Ha Nam Province, Vietnam from 12th to 14th May 2019.

The Vesak day is the most important and significant day for Buddhists around the world. This day reminds us of the most important life events (the birth, enlightenment and passing away) of Buddha. Buddha was a harbinger of peace. He worked in his whole life for the wellbeing of all living beings of the world. His teachings are still more relevant for tackling the ongoing crises of the world and building up of sustaining peace and harmony among human kind irrespective of race, culture, religion, caste around the world. So, from these viewpoints, this day is significant to all human beings on earth rather than only Buddhists people; to promote, foster and maintain collaborations between the different Buddhists (sects) traditions and schools, in order to foster and support Buddhist Culture, Philosophy and Practice for the well-being and happiness of humanity. For this noble purpose, the United Nations General Assembly officially recognized and acknowledged the celebration of the Day of Vesak with great significance. We hope, this event will be a platform for Buddhist communities especially in non-Buddhist countries who are continuously being discriminated, marginalized and threatened to their existence; where they can share their voices


to Buddhist communities across the globe. Moreover, this event will pave the way for upholding mutual understanding, building up of strong mutual bonding, mutual coexistence as well as increasing mutual cooperation among all Buddhist communities around the world.

The NVBS is the ultimate result of the decade-long historic endeavor of unifying Buddhism in the country. We belief, NVBS will play a very important and proactive role in unifying Buddhism as well as upholding the wellbeing of humanity around  the world through spreading its spirit of religious unity. We expect the celebration of UNDV 2019 will be liven up by spreading the message of peace, harmony, mutual understanding, coexistence and mutual cooperation among all Buddhists communities in various countries across the globe. Our best wishes are always with you. We are wishing grand success of this grand event.

May peace prevail on Earth
With Metta,

Most Ven. Sumanalankar Mahathero
Founder & President ParbatyaBouddha Mission (PBM)

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