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Chủ nhật - 12/05/2019 02:36
Most Ven. Dr. Sanghapriya Mahathero

For UN Vesak Day 2019

Tri-memories interwined of happy Buddha Purnima(Vesak Day) such as the birth of Siddhartha, the enlightenment of Siddhartha and passing away (Nirvana) of Buddha. Really it was rare that we got an enlightened man. In this great day, we would like to know our deepest faith, bow and respect toward Gautama Buddha.

We are greatly glad to hear that Vietnam is going to observe Vesak day on 12th-14th May, 2019 on behalf of United Nations. It is a great opportunity for VietnamiesBuddhist to this blissful day. we are so happy that the organizing committee has invited us as delegates thats why we would like to extend our heartiest gratitute to the organizing committee and all on behalf of Bangladeshi Buddhists and Ideal Brothers Association. Really we are proud and Blessed as Buddhists.

Buddha who had given his authentic activities not only for the Buddhists people but also the whole worlds people. Through the way of Buddhas rulles and activities we can bring peace in our inner and outer life. So we should follow the rulles of Buddha. Buddhas universal teachings of compassion, harmony, humanity and peace may sprade all over the world and enlighten up all humen beings. For the purpose of this day we have to make new generation and future leaders only then the occassion will be fruitful otherwise it will be vain.


I wish the greatest success of the auspicious occassion. May all beings be happy

Most Ven. Dr. Sanghapriya Mahathero

Ideal Brothers Association

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