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Thứ bảy - 11/05/2019 21:09
Milind Raghuvir Gaikwad

For UN Vesak Day 2019

It gives me immense pleasure to extend my congratulatory message on the occasion of Celebration of 16th United Nations Day of VESAK -2019 by National Vietnam Buddhist Sangha (NVBS) at the Tam Chuc International Buddhist Convention Centre in Ha Nam Province, VIETNAM from 12th to 14th May 2019 after successfully organising the same event at Hanoi in 2008 and in NINH BINH Province in 2014 wherein I actively participated. I congratulate NVBS – Vietnam and the Organizing Committee for two excellent Vesak celebrations in the past. I am sure coming VESAK celebrations 2019 in Vietnam is an excellent opportunity to all Buddhist scholars to exchange and discuss the main theme ‘BUDDHIST APPROACH TO GLOBAL  LEADERSHIP AND SHARED RESPOSIBILITIES FOR SUSTAINABLE SOCIETIES.

Buddhism is the first scientific thought process known to humanity which brings closer the large number of races separated by various difficult barriers such as Caste , Creed , Distance, Language etc. by various degree and divergent and manipulative types of civilisations with ulterior motives. The main thrust of Buddhism is not for Materialistic Development of the humanity but it has a thrust of Pure Scientific Knowledge to help Mankind forward to its final goal of PEACE AND HAPPINESS.

Therefore Mankind must have its ultimate goal of Cultivating and Spreading Happiness. Happiness is very deep sense  of inner development that arises from very healthy Mind and also disappearance of Inner Conflict. The eternal Law – Ancient and Inexhaustible - of this cosmic existence is to impart love because Hate can not dispel Hate , but Love (Karuna) can dispel Hate.


Theworldisobservingtheseriousconflictbetweenphilosophical doctrine and spiritual – religious systems. The root cause of all modern day conflict is due to people giving importance to “I” and “MINE. They are not flexible in their behaviour. Many religious traditions , political doctrine and civilizations today are fighting for supremacy. This act of Mankind to have Supreme Control over everyone by means of perfectionism and try to becoming sacred to others , creates the atmosphere of confrontation and NOT that of “PEACEFUL CO-EXISTANCE. Hence so long as the Minds of the people are not remedied , it is impossible to eradicate the cases of suffering and alienate such man made disasters. Hence if the world really desires to have prosperity, peace, and steady sustainable societies , in its TRUE sense , then the Mankind needs to accept the principle of “PEACEFUL CO - EXISTANCEPropagated by BUDDHA.

The modern day needs and aspirations of people are not achievable by present philosophical or religious path. The sel- centered attitude, Expansionism and non-compassionate behaviour is in full force in todays life. These are the basic causes of hatred, wars, separatism and various other problems faced by humanity. Similar situation also prevailed at the time of Buddha. The culmination of tireless search by Buddha realized in Loving and Compassionate religious path and has become the only ideal solution for the divided and hatred filled society. Buddhism may become the reasonable solution to all the problems of mankind related to Stress, Fatigue, Competition, Globalization, War etc. In short Buddhism can provide solution to various problems arising out of inner conflict between Cognition and

Milind Raghuvir Gaikwad
Bahujan Sanskrutik Kendra, India.

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