02.Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace

02.Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace
02.Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace




Editors’ introduction

Moments to Mind:Principles of Buddhist Leadership and the Process of Cognition in the Sautrāntika School
Benjamin Joseph Goldstein

Five Principles of Global Leadership
Most Ven. Thich Nhat Tu 19

Right concentration and mental well being
Bhikkhuni Hue Lien     41

Buddhist Perspective on Mindful Leadership for Strengthening Peace
Ram Kalap Tiwari       51

5 To Achieve Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace: Suggest- ing a Buddhist Way of Josaseon (Patriarchal Zen) Practice
Ven. Jinwol Dowon      63

6 How to Build Up a Mindful Leadership for a Sustainable Soci- ety from the Perspective of Bodhisattva Ideal
Le Thi Thanh Thuy       77

7 Mindful Leadership for a Sustainable Peace Oriented by the Emperor Trần Nhân Tông
Nguyen Viet Bao Hung 91

8 Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace
Binodini Das & Ms. Amrita Das           109

9 Bodhisattva’s Leadership: Mental Leadership for Sustainable Peace
Phra Rajapariyatkavi     125

10 Buddha and Sustainable World Peace: A Study on His Mindful Leadership
Projit Kumar Palit          131

11 Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace: A Buddhist Ap- proach with Reference to U.N. Charter
Sandeep Chandrabhanji Nagarale 145

12 Buddhist Concept of Spiritual and Mindful Leadership Qualities for Sustainable Peace and Development
Ven. Devinda     161

13 Engaged Buddhism in India: Buddhist Approach of Dr. B. R. Ambedkar to Sustainable Society in India
Manish T. Meshram        177

14 Buddhist Approach to Universal Ethics through Good Gover- nance: A Study on Ten Royal Virtues
Biman Chandra Barua & Neeru Barua        189

15 An Approach to Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership
Ven. Thich Minh Thanh    215

16 Buddhist Perspective on Mindful Leadership for Sustainable Peace
Kalsang Wangmo              233

17 Mindful Leader in the Global Society
L. Udaya Kumar & GM Susmitha 247

18 Mindfulness for Self-Transformation and Becoming an Inspira- tion for Society
Ven. P. R. Tongchangya   269

19 Buddhist Teachings to Sustainable Peace Building
Ehelepola Mahinda             287


20 The Role of Religion in Leadership for Conflict Resolution and Peace Building with Reference to Buddhist Teachings
G. S. Charith Priyadarshan         297

21 Three Intertwined Paths to Leading for Sustainable Peace
Phe Bach & W. Edward Bureau     311

22 Buddhist Th ory of Peaceful Co-Existence
Samatha Ilangakoon           335

23 Some Unmindful Issues of Buddhist Leaders Who Seek Sustainable Peace
Rev. Dato’ Dr.Sumana Siri           347

24. AStudy of Buddhist Teachings with Respect to Conflict Resolution
Ven. Moragaswewe Vijitha           359

25 Buddhist Views on Violent Conflict in Society: Th Role of Lead- ership in Peace Building
Ven. Lien Vien       379

26 Mindfulness: A Tool for Sustainable Peace
Neeraj Yadav       393

27 Logic and Correct Mindset Any Peace-Making Leaders Must Ac- quire
Can Dong Guo   407

28 Sustainable Development and World Peace: A Buddhist Ap- proach
Chandrashekhar Paswan 435

29 Buddhism, Non-Violence and the Making of a Sustainable Society: A study in Prospects and Potentials
Rana Purushottam Kumar Singh      453

30 Signifi    nce of Buddhist Diplomacy for Sustainable Develop- ment in Modern Asia
Santosh K. Gupta           463


31 War and Methods of Remedy
Tran Duc Nam     477

32 Ideal Democratic Leadership for the Establishment of Sustain- able Peace through Buddhist Polity
Ven. Ridegama Wanarathana      491

33 Buddhist Psychological Approach for Sustainable Peace
Dipen Barua      505

34 Buddhist Approach to Sustainable World Peace
Satyendra Kumar Pandey & Simerjit Kaur           521

Biographical Notes on Contributors        541


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